March 2, 2023

The US intel agency released their findings of the origin of the ‘Havana syndrome,’ that unseen attack on some of our diplomats’ and their families neurological systems while stationed in Cuba and other foreign countries. What they said who was behind the crippling attack should make everyone worry; Romania is putting AI into practical use. Other countries could learn something perhaps?; Which country has the powerful passport? Not who you think; and All of us are on a quest to drink enough water every day but too often fall short of our goals. Now, there’s a wearable patch that does the tracking for us. Could it be a game-changer? Go beyond the headlines…

US intelligence: No evidence foreign adversaries behind ‘Havana syndrome’

Romania debuts ‘world’s first’ AI government adviser

Biden’s immigration moves could put huge population in limbo

Supreme Court’s Surprising Ruling That Went Unnoticed

Not all passports are created equal. Here’s a list of the most powerful ones

3 unexplainable mysteries of life on Earth

Study finds political campaigns may change the choices of voters—but not their policy views

A wearable patch for easy hydration tracking

Mexican government makes agreement with 6 Hollywood film studios

In search of healthcare, a child joins mass migration to Chile

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