March 1, 2024

In a country where many states and cities have majority residents of color, the notion that any industry would continue to be overwhelmingly white is a glaring remnant of a bygone era. One of the last industries to reflect 21st Century realities is also a sector that the majority turn to first to tell their stories — and be heard; Putin didn’t like Alexei Navalny challenging his authority. He made sure Navalny never does it again, but if the turnout at Navalny’s funeral is any indication Putin may have bigger problems ahead; Suicide is the last resort for many people who just can’t cope anymore with challenges in their daily lives. When those challenges stem from work, that’s a wakeup call for employers to change the culture and address the root causes pushing employees to take their own lives rather than face another day. So, why aren’t hospitals recognizing those signs among their own staff?; Librarians are rallying us all to stop using the term “book bans” and instead call it for what is — “intellectual freedom challenges”; and Scientists now have definitive evidence that chronic opioid use does more than just turn people into addicts; it can actually change their DNA. Go beyond the headlines…

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