March 4, 2024

Some of the most popular political polls are ones about the economy. While these polls can be great barometers of how optimistic or pessimistic people feel about their financial well-being, they can also be misleading. Unless the term “economy” is specifically defined and the respondents are similar in having the same financial and educational opportunities and in the same age range, among other factors, their answers can either present an accurate picture or skew the results to creating a false view of the economy. For example, nowadays, polls on the economy tout how Americans don’t feel “good” about the economy. It hasn’t made sense, though it’s music to the ears of Republicans. The US economy is the only strong economy in the world that is still generating jobs and people have money in their pockets, even with continuing layoffs and inflation. So why the disconnect between public sentiment and economic facts? A new survey shows it may not be about the economy, (“stupid”)!; The situation in Haiti has devolved so exponentially that one African country is getting ready to send in its own soldiers to restore order; Around this time, many families are debating whether or not sending their children to college is a worthwhile investment. One chart shows what a difference it can make; and How do we live more “climate-friendly” lives? Psychologists think they have the answer. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s hopelessness crisis may have less to do with the economy and more to do with Gen Z’s mental health, new survey shows

Kenya signs deal in attempt to rescue plan for deployment of 1,000 police officers to Haiti

Mass Casualty Incident at US-Mexico Border

Immigration is ‘taking pressure off’ the job market and U.S. economy, expert says

Show this chart to anyone who tells you college isn’t worth it

Tragic And Mysterious Elephant Burial Ritual Witnessed by Scientists

How psychology can help people live more climate-friendly lives—lessons from around the world

Google’s new app uses AI to solve math problems

Underground anti-monument movement brings painful history to Mexico City

Venezuelan dissident found dead in Chile as Nicolás Maduro tests US resolve

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