March 13, 2023

Latinos who vote trend towards the Dems. Yet, the GOP claims more Republicans are winning Latino votes. What’s the real story?; Ukraine just did something that really pissed off Putin, more than killing thousands of his soldiers; Why does poverty still exist in the US? A couple of researchers have surprising answers; The electric car is touted for its ‘futuristic’ features – at the expense of one longtime item; Researchers found the biggest racial gap among prisoners is among one group; IQ scores in the US took a turn for the first time in nearly a century; and An app that tackles burnout. Go beyond the headlines…

Republicans are winning more Latino votes. But rising turnout still benefits Dems.

Moscow fumes as Ukraine considers changing Russia’s official name

Why even brilliant scholars misunderstand poverty in America

Racial bias often creeps into home appraisals. Here’s what’s happening to change that

Electric cars are ditching AM radio — a critical safety tool

Biggest racial gap in prison is among violent offenders – focusing on intervention instead of incarceration could change the numbers

Online tests suggest IQ scores in US dropped for the first time in nearly a century

A new app tackles burnout by asking users a simple yet radical question

Puerto Rico breaks world record as baseball fans go blond

Historic drought in Argentina seen shrinking GDP by 3 points

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