March 11, 2024

In many parts of the country, Spring Break has arrived. For students, it means a week off to reenergize, relax and regroup before end-of-year exams and school activities winding down. For tourist destinations, it means salivating over the increase of families visiting and spending their hard-earned money. For the housing industry, it means looking forward to all those families deciding it’s time to either sell, buy or do both. Yet, there’s an affordable housing crisis worsening which motivates people to get creative about how to buy a home — and they’re doing just that, just not with family members; Haiti’s domestic situation is getting so bad that now 3 countries are evacuating their diplomatic staff; Credit card companies are fretting over the rise of people delinquent on their payments. See which states have the highest delinquency rates; and Ever read the book “Atomic Habits”? Author, James Clear, brings his message of mastering habit formation through his new app. Go beyond the headlines…

Home Buying Redefined: The Rise of Non-Romantic Co-Ownership in America

U.S., EU and Germany evacuate diplomatic staff from Haiti over violence

A surge of illegal homemade machine guns has helped fuel gun violence in the US

Mapping Credit Card Delinquency Rates in the U.S. by State

A leading mindfulness teacher shares insights to counter tech addiction and isolation

For people who speak many languages, there’s something special about their native tongue

Warmest US Winter on Record: Yet Another Grim Signal of Climate Shift

James Clear On Mastering Habit Formation Through Atomic Habits And His New App

Panama orders Doctors Without Borders to stop treating people who crossed Darién Gap

‘We are tired, angry and mad’: 180,000 women march in Mexico City

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