March 12, 2024

Home ownership is one of those “rites of passage” that people (used) to believe they would eventually achieve. However, the lack of affordable housing available to people not pulling in 6 figure incomes is nothing more than a dream, unless they lived like a hermit and were able to save for a downpayment. Owning your own ‘space’ on this “big blue marble” is an American Dream that majority of renters now see as a myth , according to a new study; Who would have thought France would overtake Russia in supplying the world with these things every country wants; Once employees were forced to work remotely, they discovered a newfound freedom. Now, employers are wanting them to return to the office but for many that may no longer be possible; and A new reading app organizes news sources beyond tracking RSS feeds. Go beyond the headlines…

American dream of owning a home is dead, majority of renters say

France overtakes Russia as world’s No. 2 arms exporter

Libraries struggle to afford the demand for e-books, seek new state laws in fight with publishers

The economy averting a hard landing is ‘laughable,’ and companies are about to see a profit recession, economist says

Americans live further away from work than ever before: chart

COVID lowered life expectancy by 1.6 years worldwide: Study

States With Permitless Open Carry Laws See Higher Firearm-Related Deaths And Suicides

Feeeed is a reader app that goes beyond tracking RSS feeds

Mexico’s archaeological sites prepare for spring equinox

A Vision of Justice: Chile’s first blind senator

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