March 8, 2024

From the morning’s headlines and cable talk shows, President Biden hit a home run with his State of the Union address. The fact that GOP Speaker Johnson was nodding along with some of Biden’s statements exemplify that Biden strikes a chord of ‘balance’ that his opponent can’t come close to matching. The Biden administration realizes that home ownership is one issue that ‘balances’ the playing field between the have’s and the have-nots. With the Fed raising rates, it’s been found that half of applicants have been turned down for a loan but the Biden admin wants to ensure that those who qualify and want a home can now receive a little boost with the downpayment; Terrible things are happening everywhere on the planet but what happens on the African continent gets too often overlooked. Yet, the fact that warring entities in Nigeria are using children should have the world rise up in revolt; WHO Europe is trying to alert women to a health alert that is a matter of life and death for every woman who drinks; and In one South American country, the government is battling an enemy that carries no guns but is far deadlier. Go beyond the headlines…

Denied and distressed: Half of applicants have been turned down for a loan or financial product since the Fed began raising rates

Witnesses in Nigeria say hundreds of children kidnapped in second mass-abduction in less than a week

There are more women in the global workforce now than before COVID

U.S. job growth totaled 275,000 in February but unemployment rate rises to 3.9%

Americans May Get $9,600 Tax Credit To Buy a Home

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Remove Microplastics From Your Drinking Water

Few women know alcohol linked to breast cancer: WHO Europe

An AI app that generates playable 2D worlds from a single image

Mexico’s most dangerous city for police refuses to give up or negotiate with cartels

Argentina fights against vast swarms of mosquitoes blamed for dengue surge

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