March 13, 2024

Inequality in the United States is growing. Hope, used to be, that by the time we reached the 21st Century, discrimination, prejudice and bias would be relics of a past plagued by one gender/race exerting its control over others. And every year, we’re subjected to new polling that shows just how far we HAVEN’T come from reaching that ideal Shangri-La scenario. Of course, it doesn’t help in the US to have the GOP, continuously portray women “in the kitchen” or boast about overturning reproductive rights at the highest court or wildly applaud a nominee found guilty of rape and sexual assault. As the rest of us look on at the “deplorables” in control of the GOP, we should all ask ourselves what’s next; A new survey about economic inequities underscores what is on the horizon for women in the US; While the US Congress debates our moral obligation to continue funding Ukraine’s defense against Russia, one country is preparing for a future it doesn’t want; The cost of homeownership has risen and continues to rise. No debate there. However, earning a decent income is no longer all that it takes to qualify to buy a home. Check out how much money you need to make in your state to buy a typical home; With so much attention paid to the US presidential political race heating up, a crisis is brewing, some say already here, that will hit everyone’s pocketbook and belly; and How many times do we feel for the people who have lost their vocal chords to cancer or another medical condition? Now, there’s a new device that brings ‘voice’ to these voiceless. Go beyond the headlines…

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