March 14, 2023

Shootings and mass killings continue. Congress continues — to do nada (specifically, misguided Second Amendment GOPers). Well, President Biden is (finally) going to do something that’s within his Executive power to impact gun control; New FBI data shows disturbing national trend in 2021; Florida’s attraction as a beach state is in danger with the arrival of a massive blob; A demon-slaying sword just unearthed in Japan? That would be an awesome movie; Botanists are putting out the call for citizen scientists; and Attention women and girls, there’s FINALLY a device to alleviate those horrible monthly cramps. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden expected to sign new executive order on gun control

U.S. to extend humanitarian stay for Ukrainians who entered via Mexico border

New FBI data shows hate crimes jumped in 2021

Criminal justice algorithms still discriminate

Giant seaweed blob twice the width of the US takes aim at Florida

1,600-Year Old Demon-Slaying Mega Sword Unearthed in Japan

Thousands of native plants are unphotographed, and citizen scientists can help fill the gaps

A discrete pad to alleviate period pain

Mexican pharmacies are selling pills to laced with deadly fentanyl

Honduras’s first woman president legalises morning-after-pill

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