March 14, 2024

Should college athletes be paid for playing sports? Should they join a union? This is the big debate die-hard sports fans and pundits have definite ideas about. Being a casual sports watcher, my feeling has always been that with the amount of perks college athletes enjoy, from full-rides on tuition, lax attendance to classes and separate and unequal room and food accommodations, that they were already getting paid in ways regular students don’t even come close to receiving. Add in a union and that makes it a certainty for these college athletes to get paid, even when they’re hurt. But what about if a school wants to suspend or expel an athlete because of behavioral issues? Would a union protect them even more than many school sports programs already do in shielding their talented athletes from accountability? Big questions.; Denmark just announced a rare move that underscores their worry of the future; For the first time in 40 years, the US achieved something many thought couldn’t be done; We all know poor neighborhoods suffer the most from corporate pollution and being food deserts. Now, a new study finds how the impact of living in a poor neighborhood affects the brain; and UNICEF raises a new alarm for one South American country that’s on track for a 70% child poverty rate. Go beyond the headlines…

Majority of U.S. adults are against college athletes joining unions, according to AP-NORC survey

Denmark to begin conscripting women for the military in rare move

Harris will visit an abortion clinic, a first for any president or vice president

US Achieves Energy Independence for First Time in 40 Years

More books were targeted for censorship in 2023

Total solar eclipses, while stunning, can damage your eyes if viewed without the right protection

Poor neighborhoods linked to elevated dementia risk and faster brain aging

Chinese scientists build world’s fastest humanoid robot — but it’s not going to win any sprints just yet

Argentina’s child poverty rate on track to hit 70%, UNICEF warns

Cuba’s food shortage is leading to a humanitarian crisis

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