March 15, 2023

There’s been some social media ‘chatter’ that the Supreme Court justices are trying to assume more power than they’re legally entitled to have. Case in point: a new case before the Court is seen as the most important transgender rights decision ever. Is this Court hungry for power or for interpreting the law to favor a more conservative, traditional mindset? In my mind, it has to be one of the two because to say they have been balanced in their opinions to evoke justice, seems to exist in another universe; War brings unspoken consequences for both sides. In the Ukraine, it’s women suffering those consequences ‘close to home’; Musk wanted to make Twitter a ‘freer’ platform. He accomplished that and Mexican cartels couldn’t be happier; Younger Latinos are enthusiastic about voting. Not so much being tied to one party; and An indigenous Mexican school teacher just rediscovered an ancient Mayan product that the world’s leading scientists couldn’t figure out. Go beyond the headlines…

A new Supreme Court case could be the most important transgender rights decision ever

Ukraine’s rising domestic violence: ‘This War Made Him a Monster.’ Ukrainian Women Fear the Return of Their Partners

Mexican cartel Twitter use spiked after Musk takeover: report

First look: Young and unaffiliated Latino voters surge across U.S.

How Women Entrepreneurs Are Creating New Businesses in Record Numbers

Mediterranean diet cuts women’s cardiovascular disease and death risk by nearly 25%, finds study

Curbing crime with 3D avatars and intelligent design

Floating solar panels could completely power thousands of cities

Artist rediscovers mysterious recipe for ancient ‘Maya Blue’ dye

Inflation in Argentina surges past 100 percent in historic spike

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