March 15, 2024

Overnight, a Michigan jury found the father of high school shooter guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The same verdict was reached for his wife in an earlier trial. The fact that these parents were found liable for their son’s actions, on the surface, provokes outrage among some. Yet, the clear evidence showing their indifference to their son’s mental state, as flagged by the high school’s administrators, underscores that until children become adults (legally), parents must take responsibility for how they help or don’t help their children. After all, parents are arrested for neglect, abuse and abandonment of their children every day. In these cases, the children are taken away from their parents. If the child dies as a result of their parents’ indifference, they’re put on trial for murder. So, when a child kills other students and the parents supply their child with the weapon, along with, dismissing outside attempts to get them to recognize there’s a problem, then they are as guilty as their child for pulling that trigger and taking lives. The sad reality that our children go to school each day having to do active shooter drills speaks volumes to the indifference many in Congress have to the gun problem that exists in this country. Conservative politicians tout 2nd Amendment rights but a new survey finds most college students have a different opinion; China is being recognized as leading the world in having a certain type of arsenal, which is bad news for the rest of the world; Leprosy used to be considered a disease of the Bible — ancient and eradicated. Not anymore.; Mexico City is counting down to the day, within months, when the sprawling metropolis will run bone dry of water. People are already panicking. Go beyond the headlines…

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