March 16, 2023

The economy is coming to a full boil. We have only to pay attention to the news to know this: Evictions have exceeded pre-pandemic levels; and Goldman just raised their expectations of a recession. Not to mention the biggest bank failure since 2008 and the continued layoffs across all sectors of the economy — but we’re not completely helpless. Each of us has to be responsible for saving as much money as we can and keep an amount of cash in your wallet (under your mattress, in your cereal box safe, etc.) and most of all — Don’t panic!; For the first time in Alaska’s iconic Iditarod history, Alaskan natives achieved something remarkable; Researchers claim dating apps are hotbeds of a 21st Century-type of racism; and How could Brazilian geologists be terrified of rocks? They are and with good reason. Go beyond the headlines…

Evictions have returned to — or exceeded — pre-pandemic levels

‘Ukraine doesn’t have any time to waste’: U.S. races to prepare Kyiv for spring offensive

Border Patrol chief says agency does not have complete operational control of border

Goldman Raises U.S. Recession Probability To 35% In Next 12 Months

In a rare sweep, Alaska Natives take the top 3 spots in the 50th Iditarod

Where Did Earth’s Water Come From? Not Melted Meteorites, Study Reports

NASA reveals spacesuit for new Moon mission that better fits women

Dating apps are rife with ‘digital sexual racism’

Brazilian researchers find ‘terrifying’ plastic rocks on remote island

Experts sound alarm about water scarcity in Mexico

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