March 18, 2024

The first day of Spring is tomorrow but the old saying that begins, “March comes in like a lion…” couldn’t be truer, thanks to climate change. While the US may be battling record snowfalls, rainfalls and wildfire conditions, other parts of the world, less financially able to help its people, are bearing the brunt of Mother Nature’s brutality. The latest country experiencing “extreme heat” had led to them issuing a rare mandate to protect the children; When disparity exists in a society, it means one, or several, sectors are being shortchanged. For example, why is it so much health research is done on white men? President Biden is creating a first step to address that disparity and he’s starting with women; Love you that fast food, morning cereal and food-from-a-box? All are known as ultra-processed foods and a new study finds they’re even worse for our health than previously believed; Spring Equinox arrives tomorrow. So, what is it?; and Russia is stepping up its presence in — Mexico! Should the US be concerned? (Hell, yeah) Go beyond the headlines…

8 in 10 Americans Say Religion Is Losing Influence in Public Life

Amid extreme heat wave, South Sudan shutters all schools

Biden to sign executive order aimed at advancing study of women’s health

This chart explains why inflation felt so bad

From anxiety to cancer, the evidence against ultra-processed food piles up

‘Very Concerning’ Neurological Study Finds Disorders Increasing Worldwide

The spring equinox is here. What does that mean?

New app lets you buy devices with trade-ins and cash

In Argentina, Javier Milei is cutting off food aid to local social service organizations

In Mexico, Russian media and diplomatic efforts swell

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