March 18, 2020

The coronavirus is like a spider in that it has many ‘legs’ of consequence: layoffs, health risks, business closings, school closings, family separations, etc. A new report tries to quantify just how many jobs are at risk; Scientists are looking towards one creature to predict climate-change impact; and The Smithsonian has released a list for parents and educators to find solid digital education resources to not just entertain kids while at home but get them thinking. Now, there should be a list for adults too…Go beyond the headlines…

All Latinos don’t vote the same way – their place of origin matters

White House Wants To Send Checks To Americans As Coronavirus Stalls Economy

US Agencies Made It Harder To Reunite Immigrant Families Because They Failed To Keep Accurate Records, Report Finds

Restaurant shutdowns are putting millions of jobs at risk, according to new report

Anger builds over virus dangers in immigration courts

Birds are the ‘canaries in the climate-change coal mine’

Amazon road-building projects would result in deforestation of 2.4 million hectares

Eight digital education resources from the Smithsonian

Mexico under international criticism for coronavirus response

Dengue fever crisis grips Latin America

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