March 19, 2021

DREAMers. It’s a group who enjoyed bipartisan support in the past. After all, what fault is it of young people who were brought to the U.S. as children? Well, after one of the darkest chapters in US political history, it seems the issue has devolved into a partisan issue. The House passed a bill finally putting DREAMers on a path to citizenship. Too bad it had to be mostly along party lines; Is Puerto Rico’s chances of becoming a recognized US state closer?; UN finds most countries discriminate against two particular groups; New reports gives hope to college students with children of their own; and Paper or screen? Only usage of one shows greater brain activity. Go beyond the headlines…

UN report: Too much prejudice against old and young in world

House passes scaled-back immigration measures as GOP support wanes

New bill on Puerto Rico status introduced by Reps. AOC, Velázquez, Sen. Menendez

U.S. to push more ‘aggressive’ messaging effort to deter migrants

Report: College Students with Children Have Slightly Higher GPAs

Wave Of Bills To Block Trans Athletes Has No Basis In Science, Researcher Says

‘The impossible choice’: Without paid leave, people of color often must choose between a paycheck and caregiving

Study shows stronger brain activity after writing on paper than on tablet or smartphone

2 mouthwashes disrupt the coronavirus in lab tests

Zoom Escaper App plays annoying sounds so you can get out of meetings

The Afro-Bolivians And Their Monarchy In Bolivia: An Enigmatic Kingdom

Archaeologists Uncover a 1,300-Year-Old Skeleton of a Maya Diplomat

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