March 22, 2021

The growth of hateful rhetoric against people perceived as “other” is not only disturbing and frightening but, in a strange way, a relief. It’s a relief to see who feels this way and knowing to what extent they will go to achieve their vision of a ‘perfect (read white only) America. What is concerning Biden officials is just how many extremists have infiltrated police ranks throughout the country. It’s news that doesn’t bode well for every citizen’s safety; Something I’ve long noticed is that in the hallow halls of Congress, there are very few Black, Latino, Asian, etc interns. Is this another one of those: It’s who you know?; Forecasters already are predicting a nasty spring; and Why is Brazil spiraling out of control these days? Go beyond the headlines…

‘A nightmare scenario’: Extremists in police ranks spark growing concern after Capitol riot

As Biden’s immigration policy faces scrutiny, the DHS chief says the border is “closed”

Latinos, youth of color make up very few of paid congressional interns

National holiday eyed to commemorate emancipation

Forecast for spring: Nasty drought worsens for much of US

Amid COVID-19, Fewer Smokers Are Trying to Quit, as Tobacco Sales Rise

Health declining in Gen X and Gen Y, national study shows

Students create app to discover new music

Katherine Diaz, Leading Salvadoran Surfer, Dead at 22

No vaccines, no leadership, no end in sight. How Brazil became a global threat

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