March 3, 2022

As the world continues watching, Putin’s ruthless attack marches on. Remarkable, how yet again in our world’s history, one man can change the course of life for millions of people – simply because he wants to; While the Jan 6 committee found evidence that Trump and his cronies violated multiple laws, his blind GOP followers are asking the Supreme Court to limit state courts’ election oversight role. How disastrous for American voters and a sad indication of how low the GOP has sunk in the name of power and greed; UN countries are eyeing a new treaty; and Who doesn’t want Kevin Costner as their own personal tour guide? Go beyond the headlines…

Russia bombards key cities as over 1 million refugees flood out of Ukraine

Jan. 6 committee says Trump violated multiple laws in effort to overturn election

Trump border wall breached thousands of times by smugglers: report

How Racism And Sexism Could Define Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation Hearings

Republicans ask U.S. Supreme Court to curb state courts’ election oversight role

New opera teaches a classical music class in the ongoing fight for civil rights

UN countries to create treaty to fight plastic pollution

New research says Tyrannosaurus was actually three species – rex, imperator and regina

Kevin Costner’s new app narrates your trip by tracking your location to load audio stories about the stops along your route

After initially refusing to play, Ukrainian tennis star beats her Russian opponent at Nuevo León tournament

Costa Rica Legalizes Medical Marijuana and Hemp

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