March 20, 2024

It’s official. Majority of Americans are not happy. That’s according to this year’s global happiness survey. Well, that’s not entirely true. It seems there is one segment of Americans who think everything is ‘hunky dory,’; I for one do not buy the hype that AI will doom our society. In fact, I learned very early in life to discount the ‘doomsayers of technology.’ For example, my mother continuously warned me that the TV was an idiot box and would render us all stupid. Yet, it was through TV that I learned my first English words, saw far-off places I had no hope of visiting and had the best front-row seat to rocket launches to the moon, the Olympics, etc. So, when one economist counters the apocalyptic predictions of his colleagues, it’s worth noting; and Marine biologists are scared. Fish around the Florida Keys are exhibiting strange behavior never before seen and, as of now, scientists don’t know why. Go beyond the headlines…

Survey: Overwhelming majority of Latinos get news on digital devices

Europe Given Ominous War Warning

Supreme Court Issues Unusual Opinion in Immigration Case

He predicted the ’08 crash. Now he’s betting AI will turbocharge the US economy

U.S. drops in new global happiness ranking. One age group bucks the trend

Study finds large accumulations of plastics in the ocean, even outside so-called garbage patch

Still no smoking gun as bizarre fish behavior spreads in Florida Keys

A new generation of smart robots could take over farm tasks once handled by humans

Brazil police indict Bolsonaro over alleged falsification of vaccination data

Persistent drought is drying out Chile’s drinking water

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