March 21, 2024

School loans have a way of haunting you for years. Believe me, I know. Paying off loans can be like never-ending torture to our bank accounts. The light at the end of the tunnel has always been that one day those loans would be paid off, but what if you’re an older student, like senior-old? It seems many took out school loans later in life to learn new skills to better adapt to their changing work environment. In the process, they racked up as much school loan debt as their grandchildren. Now, because so many seniors with school loans have fallen behind on paying back their loans, they’re in danger of losing something unthinkable, that has dire consequences for their future; An interesting survey of military personnel reveals something no Commander-in-Chief wants to hear; Pundits continuously fear monger us all that we will lose our jobs to AI. The White House identifies what percentage of Americans really are; Archeologists made an astounding discovery recovering neolithic boats; and Younger people are putting off starting families later, if at all. Their decisions are impacting global population and is setting in motion a transformation to be felt by 2100. Go beyond the headlines…

New survey of service members shows why majority don’t recommend military service

Hate crimes spike in France

Millions of seniors behind on student loans risk losing Social Security, lawmakers warn Biden

10% of US workers are in jobs most exposed to artificial intelligence, White House says

Social Security Changes Process for Getting a Card

Neolithic boats excavated in the Mediterranean reveal advanced nautical technology

Dramatic Declines In Global Fertility Rates Set To Transform Global Population Patterns By 2100

App innovates dating for people with disabilities

Mexico: report challenges official story of migrant facility fire in which 40 died

Archaeologists Discover 2,000-Year-Old Rock Art in Brazil

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