March 22, 2024

I’ve noticed lately that climate change is seeping into more and more daily headlines. To be accurate, it’s the impact of Mother Nature’s mood swings on people’s lives that garner the media attention. We are no exception. For starters, the UN is releasing a report that the fight over water is already spearheading science-fiction-type storylines, that are far from fiction. Also, the rising heat has one scientist doubling down on what it means for us all; while an index meant to give us an accurate measurement of heat, in terms more relatable to humans, is quickly changing in a way scientists didn’t foresee. And to round it off, climate is turning out to be more of a driver of inflation than any presidential administration; A new study spells out why many renters may never buy a home; Scientific discoveries continue to amaze us, like the recent “ghost shark” of Thailand; and It used to be we dreaded losing our wallets, and some of us still do, because of all the ‘cards’ we keep tucked inside. Now, losing our smart phones instills an even greater fear because of all our data an unscrupulous person could access. No need to worry anymore thanks to a new app that keeps that data safe when our phones are lost or stolen. Go beyond the headlines…

Higher temperatures mean higher food and other prices. A new study links climate shocks to inflation

Global water crisis fuelling more conflicts, UN report warns

Tennessee becomes the first state to protect musicians and other artists against AI

It’s 38% more expensive to buy a house than rent in US, analysis finds

Scientist: 2023 heat may put world in “uncharted territory”

‘Ghost shark’ with enormous head and giant iridescent eyes discovered off Thailand

Heat Index — how hot it feels — is rising faster than temperature

Mobile app keeps your sensitive data safe even if phone is stolen

Mexico reaches agreement to repatriate migrants to Venezuela

Carnage on the streets of Port-au-Prince as world stalls on a promised intervention for Haiti

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