March 23, 2021

The story of unaccompanied minors and migrant families overwhelming our southern border is not a new story. Nor is it new that it’s violence and extreme poverty driving these people to find a way to survive, even if it means risking their lives to get to the U.S. What is new is that the US government is creating a special envoy to travel to the heart of the problem to (dare we say) finally look for real solutions; New report reveals Facebook continues to be a safe haven for those it shouldn’t be; The reparations debate just got a big boost in one Illinois city; Climate scientists know climate change is affecting global weather. Now, US meteorologists have a new tool in their weather-predicting arsenal; and Colombia’s plan for its own media platform is bad news for democracy. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden appoints special envoy for Northern Triangle amid border surge

Photos Reveal The Crowded Conditions Unaccompanied Immigrant Kids Are Held In At The Border

Report: Extremist groups thrive on Facebook despite bans

So-called ‘good’ suburban schools often require trade-offs for Latino students

Illinois city first in U.S. to approve reparations for Black residents

NOAA Upgrades Forecasts As Climate Change Drives More Severe Storms

Amazon Fire TV Now Offers Free Access to Local News in 88 U.S. Markets

New App to Track Rainbows in Hawaii

Colombia to counter independent press with state news

Wearing a Mask Is Nothing New for Kids in ‘Chilean Chernobyl’

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