March 24, 2021

Today is Equal Pay Day. In an unprecedented time when more women and workers of color have experienced lost salaries or have had their salaries cut, this day takes added importance. The day teases many to hope that all workers, sooner rather than later, will be seen as equal. Yet, as more lawmakers balk at raising the minimum wage or argue that the unemployed receiving additional financial assistance, than their original salaries, are less incentivized to go back to work, that hope feels more like an illusion than a prediction. How can it change? Maybe when more women and people of color are making these crucial votes. News: DREAMers on the cusp of citizenship; 3 graphics that show the story of mass shootings during the pandemic; Wyoming’s flood of anti-abortion bills provides snapshot of what’s happening across the country; It takes only 1 degree of global warming to do this; and New app shows what indigenous land you’re standing on. Go beyond the headlines…

Citizenship for the ‘Dreamers’? 6 essential reads on DACA and immigration reform

3 graphics tell the story of mass shootings during the pandemic

Equal Pay Day 2021: What you should know

Wyoming’s flood of anti-abortion bills reveal what’s happening across the country, experts say

Study aims too (re)define Latino manhood and masculinity

Cremation Is on the Rise in Black and Latino Communities During COVID-19, Funeral Professionals Say

One degree of global warming causes a 50% increase in population displacement risk

New app will show you what Indigenous land you’re on right now

Abandoned: gangs in Guatemala replace families – photo essay

Mexico — AMLO’s press conferences ‘instrument of misinformation:’ press freedom body

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