March 24, 2023

History will remember the GOP party of these times as the “BAN” party. They want to ban abortions, transgender children (basically), children’s books they deem too explicit on any issue, sex education, LGBTQ people, talk of any kind of gun reform, and the list goes on. Don’t believe it? Honestly, unless you’ve been off the grid, how could you not know? Just look at the stats for how many book ban attempts were made in 2022; China says it has a peace plan. One Eastern European country says it’s not serious; You’ve heard of Ramadan. Maybe you have friends who practice it but do you really know what it’s all about?; Hospitals are teeming with unwanted visitors – and they don’t have two legs, four or six. In fact, they have no legs at all; Bummed that you’re missing going skiing this Spring Break because of all the wild weather? Thank climate change because some Western ski resorts plan to stay open throughout the summer – because they can; and The creators of ChatGPT just took the first step to propelling society into a new Age of Tech – it’s exciting and, this time, really scary. Go beyond the headlines…

Book ban attempts reach “unparalleled” 20-year high in 2022

Estonia says China’s peace plan to end Ukraine’s war is ‘extremely unfair’

The Abortion Battle Over Rising Deaths in Pregnant Women

Ramadan: 9 questions about the Muslim holy month you were too embarrassed to ask

Deadly Fungal Infections in U.S. Hospitals Are Up 95%

Asteroid expected to pass close to Earth on Saturday

Ski Resorts in the Western U.S. Will Stay Open Into the Spring and Summer

OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet

Meet Karla de Lara: official artist of the US-Mexico Bicentennial

Red Cross finds deteriorating conditions for Colombia’s civilians

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