March 27, 2024

Disinformation is an issue. Whether it’s in politics, health or in any other topic where people depend on credible and expert information to make informed decisions, disinformation can make the difference between life and death. As AI and social media evolve, people are only slowly learning how to differentiate between factual information and “alternate facts.” Yet, there’s one AI platform that already evokes mistrust among many people,, and that’s unfortunate. Because the reality is it can be a helpful tool when used correctly.; There’s a devastating heat wave in East Africa. It’s so bad schools are closed and not scheduled to reopen until April. On top of that, in one of the most vulnerable regions of the world, the impact of the extreme climate is amplifying a the kind of human toll that will need a global effort to combat; The USA may be historically known as the “Land of Opportunity.” Yet today’s economy is exasperating a new version of the USA; A new Pew poll on religious attendance reveals a reason why many Christian Evangelicals may be injecting themselves into politics; and Like avocados? You’ve got a head start with your health. Go beyond the headlines…

Americans’ use of ChatGPT is ticking up, but few trust its election information

Malawi follows Zambia in declaring drought disaster as El Niño brings hunger to southern Africa

Baltimore Bridge Collapse Workers Were Immigrants

Two-speed economy: The rich keep spending, but lower-income Americans are facing stress

People say they’re leaving religion due to anti-LGBTQ teachings and sexual abuse

Scientists discover how caterpillars can stop their bleeding in seconds

An Avocado A Day May Improve Overall Diet Quality, Researchers Report

Sunlight powers this new self-cleaning white paint that also cleans the air

Eclipse fever hits Mexico as NASA chooses Torreón for official broadcast

Brazil summons Hungarian envoy to explain why Bolsonaro hid in embassy

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