March 28, 2023

One kind of war that is fought in the media with ad campaigns and politicians parroting the same tagline is the war against drugs. Of course, we don’t want our children being targeted by drug dealers, decent people turned into homeless addicts and low-life dealers living the best days of their lives while their customers die in fetal positions. Yet, as with all wars, one side has to be vilified. It’s happening again and the new ‘drug war’ takes aim at the US-Mexico border — and that’s even more dangerous; Financial analysts are noticing something that should make all of us pocket a little cash at home; Should we blame the Supreme Court for ongoing gun violence in the country?; Could the moon be our next source of water?; and Study reveals that one particular religious group is responsible for violating the rights of indigenous in Paraguay. Go beyond the headlines…

Dangers of fentanyl escalate US-Mexico tensions

Founder of Afghan Girls’ School Project Arrested in Kabul: UN

Money is moving out of the banking system

How the Supreme Court made it impossible to solve America’s gun violence problem

Study says warming-fueled supercells to hit South more often

5 planets will align in the night sky this week. Here’s how to see them

Scientists discover water inside glass beads on the Moon

New app ensures you won’t get lost in the wilderness

Mennonite colonies linked to deforestation of Indigenous territories and protected areas in Paraguay

39 dead after fire breaks out at migrant detention center in Juarez, Mexico

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