March 29, 2023

One certainty, for even the most casual student of history, is that there has always been one group/tribe/faction/party of people who want to dictate to the majority what to think, behave and believe. Case in point: GOP lawmakers are intent to vilify and dismiss the existence of gender-affirming care for children and acknowledgement that these children exist. The way bills have been bulldozed though GOP-controlled state legislatures touching everything from school bathrooms, sports and basic medical care for transgender children is testament to the GOP’s intent to annihilate the transgender reality. So, why did we think they would stop with transgender children?; Whistleblowers just validated what most people think of Credit Suisse; Puerto Rico has a lot of sunny weather. Their governor wants to finally take advantage of it; Is corruption contagious or inherited?; and Think you know which country is contributing the most to climate change? An online tool reveals all. Go beyond the headlines…

GOP lawmakers expand gender-affirming care restrictions to adults

Russian father jailed after daughter made anti-war drawing goes on the run

Credit Suisse whistleblowers say Swiss bank has been helping wealthy Americans dodge U.S. taxes for years

Puerto Rico governor unveils solar energy plans in address

The Malady of Corruption: Is It Contagious or Inherited?

Greek mathematician Ptolemy’s Lost Manuscript Discovered in Book Found in Medieval Abbey

‘Critical tool’ launched to track national contributions to climate change

A new hope: Mark Hamill lends voice to Ukrainian air raid app

More than 7% of Mexico’s remittances could be linked to organized crime

Lionel Messi scores his 100th goal for Argentina

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