March 30, 2021

There should be celebration that vaccines are reaching more people beyond the ‘risk’ groups. But maybe that’s the problem. Too many GOP governors still want to be seen as blind followers of the guy in Mar-A-Lago and are rushing to reopen their states. What will follow is a virus resurgence, according to health experts, and it will be on the heads of these GOP politicians; One oof the hardest communities hit by these GOP politicians is the Spanish-speaking community. They’ve been targeted with vaccine disinformation, and that’s why what the San Antonio health dept just released is so welcomed, not to mention, entertaining; If seeing the collections at the Louvre is on your bucket list, wait no longer. Just check out your nearest screen. Go beyond the headlines…

Internal CDC data shows virus regaining foothold as Biden urges states to pause reopening

Highest number of migrant children in border facilities since government started releasing data

‘You can’t trust the government’: Spanish-speaking social media spreads COVID-19 vaccine disinformation, adds to hesitancy

Can a New, Open-Source Police Brutality Database Help to Hold Police Departments Accountable?

As Bad Information Spreads, Florida Schools Seek To Teach ‘Digital Literacy’

San Antonio’s health department just released a mariachi ‘bop’ about COVID-19

Cherry blossoms’ earliest peak in 1,200 years linked to climate change

You Can Now Explore the Louvre’s Entire Collection Online

New app connects people with shared experiences when they need to talk

Guatemala Declares Emergency Measures as New Caravan Rumored

Astronomy and landscape in the city of Caral, the oldest city in the Americas

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