March 30, 2022

The word ‘refugees’ is becoming ubiquitous in our everyday language. Whether it’s people fleeing war, climate change or threat of local violence, people’s right to survive and live with a basic quality of life is fueling a growing crisis around the world — and threatens to resurrect an old problem at the US-Mexico border; Is it too late to stop Earth from warming?; Need to send money to Cuba? There’s a new app for that; Allergic to cats? Scientists may have found a solution to that eye-watering problem. Go beyond the headlines…

UN: Over 4 million refugees have fled Ukraine since Russian invasion began

Food Inflation Will Hit Millions Hard

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s long fight against fair and democratic elections

DHS officials brace for a new surge at the border if pandemic restrictions are lifted

How does where people live affect Covid-19 mortality rates?

How fast can we stop Earth from warming?

Allergy-free cats? A new CRISPR method might have the answers

New App Makes It Easy To Send Money to Cuba From the U.S.

Opium production down as communities in Mexico’s Golden Triangle turn to forestry

‘Risky, profitable, exciting’: TikTok fuels Bolivia’s contraband car craze

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