March 30, 2023

Once upon a time, the US was seen as shouldering the ills of the world. Forget that we covertly started wars and created social chaos where it benefited US interests but overall, we did pay/support countries experiencing challenges, natural disasters, etc. Nowadays, thanks to isolation-loving politicians, that role continues to lessen; If it weren’t for immigration, some counties in the country would have a much harder time in their local economies; A new study now finds that if we just walk these many steps a week, we can stave off an early death. Really?; and Researchers are baffled as to why so many Latinos don’t get enough sleep. Is that really so baffling? Go beyond the headlines…

GOP senators introduce bill designating Mexican drug cartels as terror organizations

China’s growing influence threatens to undermine global human rights, new research finds

Senate votes to repeal Iraq War authorization 20 years after invasion

Immigration Tripled in Top U.S. Counties Even as Many of Them Lost Population

Many Latinos in the US don’t get enough sleep, and researchers are trying to learn why

New Source of Water on the Moon Estimated to Hold 270 Trillion Kilograms of Water

8,000 steps once or twice a week cuts mortality risk: Study

At-home kit helps customers understand personal biological responses to food, enabling better diet

After nearly dying out, the pre-Hispanic ballgame ulama is thriving

‘A second chance’: Peru sanctuaries help rescued monkeys back into the wild

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