March 31, 2022

I’m sorry but what is up with a former president (Trump) publicly asking Putin to reveal damaging information about President Biden’s son Hunter? One GOP Rep says Trump should be barred from running in 2024 over his remarks. We’re wondering why he hasn’t been arrested already for his role in the Jan. 6 insurrection and his fraudulent claims about the value of his property in New York City. Hello DOJ? Has Russia reached a turning point? The real question is in what direction; President Biden marks Transgender Day of Visibility with new actions; Arizona Republicans enacting another kind of bill to make voting harder for everyone; Though it’s not uncommon in Latino households, researchers surprised to see multigenerational living on the rise; Want to find your happy place? Check out one of the 25 “happiest” parks in the country; New app alerts drivers to nearby police pursuits; and Many people heading to Mexico to work remotely are quickly becoming ‘ugly’ US tourists and impacting local home prices. Go beyond the headlines…

Zelensky says Russian invasion of Ukraine is at a “turning point”

Biden to mark Transgender Day of Visibility with new actions

Arizona Republicans enact a controversial new proof-of-citizenship voting law

Latino groups commemorating César Chávez Day through activism, mobilization

Multigenerational living grows sharply in U.S. over past five decades and shows no sign of peaking

Earth’s Core Appears To Be Leaking Primordial Helium From the Big Bang

The 25 happiest US city park systems, ranked by scientists

New app alerts drivers to nearby police pursuits

‘Tango Will Die’: COVID Threatens Cornerstone of Argentine Culture

Mexico City becomes remote work playground for expats, while rising housing prices and inflation make it more unaffordable for locals

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