April 1, 2022

From appearances, it looks like Russia continues to lose ground in Ukraine. However, Putin’s ambition for regional dominance is still alive according to NATO and is leaving many observers ‘cold;’ Finally, one state takes seriously the crisis of missing indigenous people and just enacted a new measure; Scientists just found the last 8% of the human genome to fully map our DNA. So, what does it show?; Who doesn’t like avocados? Now, there’s another ‘heart-warming’ reason to like the green fruit. Go beyond the headlines…

Russia Says Ukraine Crisis Must Not Reach Arctic, NATO Says It Already Has

Biden’s border headache to come whipping back

State of Washington OKs 1st statewide missing Indigenous people alert

Exclusive: How the student loan safety net has failed low-income borrowers

 Mapping Indigenous Migrant Languages

The Human Genome Project pieced together only 92% of the DNA – now scientists have finally filled in the remaining 8%

Two Servings Of Avocados A Week Linked To Better Heart Health

Substance abuse patients can seek therapy by using new app

Mexico’s President’s electoral reform would give his party greater power in Congress

Nicaragua approves education reform seen as move to destroy university autonomy

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