March 6, 2024

It’s official. The year is 2020 – all over again! It’s Biden vs. Trump for the presidential election. Unless something happens to convince Nikki Haley to reenter the race – she announced she’s dropping out this morning – it’s a rematch many voters don’t want. The fact that Trump would do this all over again speaks volumes to his quest for power, and the real danger he poses to the future of the country. Why his ‘base’ can’t see that but, as documented in an investigative report, see him, literally, as a savior defies common sense and reason. Why Biden feels he’s the only one to thwart Trump also leaves many scratching their heads. Clearly, it’s up to voters to make the right decision and carry our country forward since everyone in Washington is more interested in either attaining or maintaining power; The Chinese economy is getting slammed and so it makes sense that they’re looking outside the mainland to bolster their own dire situation. What better way than to ‘absorb’ another country? Analysts just noted that China no longer says they will have ‘peaceful reunification’ with Taiwan. They’re mum but their increased military actions in the region speak loudly of their intentions; Wait! Did hot dogs just become healthy?!; More Baby Boomers are retiring and it’s revealing a crisis on a level never seen before in the country, and I’m not talking about the loss of expert labor; and What better kind of even than an international fireworks festival? Go beyond the headlines…

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