March 7, 2024

In tonight’s President Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address, we’re going to hear abortion discussed. After all, it’s been the most instrumental change conservatives are responsible for and one that has had devastating effects directly on the lives of women and couples across the nation — even though a new poll reveals it didn’t/doesn’t have to be this way; Ever since Putin realized his invasion into Ukraine wasn’t going to be as easy as he assumed, Russia’s been running out of funds, equipment and manpower. A new picture of who’s fighting for Russia shows just how desperate Russia is getting; CEOs are going on record that they’re optimistic about the economy. No recession, they say. However, the ‘bible’ of the state of the economy warns of a different outcome; and We’re on our way again to breaking new heat records at the end of each month. February had particular dire news. Go beyond the headlines…

Overwhelming support for abortion in pregnancy-related emergencies, poll finds

Chinese Mercenaries Spotted Fighting for Russia in Ukraine

Harsh rhetoric on migrants raises fears of more Latino hate crimes

Beige Book Paints a Picture of a Slowing Economy

Your guide to Oscar-nominated movies and where to watch them

Global hot streak continues. February, winter, world’s oceans all break high temperature marks

Study raises questions about plastic pollution’s effect on heart health

Ohio company developing app to ‘act in lieu’ of in-car driver’s ed

Left to rot: how a prisoner cleaned up Panama’s dirtiest jail – and its inmates

Mexican filmmaker Lila Avilés chosen by Mattel as Barbie ‘role model’

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