March 7, 2022

As Putin’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, more calls for sending money to help has increased. To be sure, there are scams floating around just ready to exploit peoples’ generosity for their own selfish gains. One researcher explains how to “responsibly” donate to Ukrainian causes; Seems surreal though not undeserving that in the midst of Ukraine President Zelensky pleading for more help from the West, he’s awarded a significant prize, and no, it’s not the Nobel Peace Prize; A judge just told the Biden admin that they must resume Trump’s policy of expelling unaccompanied children at the border. Really and is Rule of Law or partisan politics?; The GOP just threatened the Dept. of Justice about investigating Trump that makes it sound like a party more aligned with Putin than a democracy; and What’s happening in Mexico under the leadership of its President is so disturbing that I’ve posted 2 different headlines that indicated a troubling direction for our southern border. Go beyond the headlines…

How to responsibly donate to Ukrainian causes

Civilian toll mounts in Ukraine as world leaders raise question of war crimes

Zelensky wins Ronald Reagan Freedom Award

Republicans warn Justice Department probe of Trump would trigger political war

A Judge Has Ordered The Biden Administration To Resume Trump’s Policy Of Expelling Unaccompanied Immigrant Children At The Border

Teachers reimagine US history lessons with eye on diversity

Press 3 for a pep talk from kindergartners. A new hotline gives you options for joy

Higher Education And Language Skills May Help Ward Off Dementia

Fossils Help Scientists Identify a ‘Lost’ Continent

Extremely Hot, Humid Weather Could Kill a Person Far More Easily Than We Thought

New ‘Heardle’ App Is Like ‘Wordle’ but for Music

Youth wing of Mexico’s Morena party voices support for Russian invasion of Ukraine & Mexico says no to Ukraine legislators’ request for arms to fight Russia

New peace mural in Buenos Aires draws attention

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