March 8, 2022

The images streaming from Ukraine under attack continue to horrify the world, and yet, there are bad cyber-actors who would have us believe otherwise. Information researchers are showing us how to discern the truth from the lies; Among those horrifying images are the lifeless little bodies of children caught in this war. The UN reports that the number of dead civilians is far higher than we know now; The fate of American elections lies in the judgement of one Supreme Court justice; Biden makes it official – the world is moving towards recognizing cryptocurrency; and 25 of the world’s cultural heritage sites are under threat of disappearing from history. Go beyond the headlines…

How to spot disinformation about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Civilian Casualties in Ukraine 5 Times Higher than U.N. Report

Senate sends anti-lynching bill to Biden’s desk in historic first

ICE Quietly Collected Information On Millions Of People’s Money Transfers, And A Senator Is Demanding An Investigation

The fate of American elections is in Amy Coney Barrett’s hands

They lost loved ones to the pandemic. They’re pushing for a Covid Memorial Day.

AP sources: Biden to issue executive order on cryptocurrency

Even mild cases of COVID-19 can leave a mark on the brain, such as reductions in gray matter – a neuroscientist explains emerging research

Live longer and fend off diseases with 30 to 60 minutes of weight training weekly, study finds

Here Are the World’s 25 Most Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites

LoboEats app connects Univ. of New Mexico students with meals available nearby

In Mexico City, a Feminist Market Is An Act of Resistance

Chile creates national park to protect Santiago’s glaciers

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