March 9, 2020

March is Women’s History Month and Time magazine shares its list of 100 women of the year; How vulnerable are immigrants at the border to catching the coronavirus?; A Mayan queen was discovered to have built something that amazes archeologists; Are we ready for ‘local’ produce from Mars?; and Today, women in Central and South America plan to make their biggest statement about gender abuse/disparity. Go beyond the headlines…

Time’s 100 Women of the Year

Democrats warn Trump’s immigration policies risk aggravating coronavirus

Women fill streets of world’s cities with call for justice

Trump’s Wall May Have to Avoid Multiple Historic Cemeteries

Kids Around The World Are Reading NPR’s Coronavirus Comic

Maya warrior queen may have built the longest ‘white road’ in the Yucatán

NASA’s space lettuce is safe and nutritious, paving way for crops on the moon and mars

Carrie Underwood launches fit52, her own fitness app

A day without women: strikes in Mexico and Argentina follow huge rallies

Absent students, murdered teachers: Gang violence permeates Honduras’ schools

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