May 2, 2023

Though the world has declared Russia’s Putin a war criminal, no one treats him and his country as such — until now. While Putin travels freely, within his own country, he’s finally been warned of the consequences if he tries to join other world leaders at a summit; DREAMers are far from the slackers the GOP want everyone to believe; What has the ‘godfather of AI’ so worried?; The Senate failed to pass the ERA recently and a new study sheds light on why it’s imperative to do so — for those who believe in equal pay; and Mexico is making it super facil for people to send remittances home. Go beyond the headlines…

Supreme Court move could spell doom for power of federal regulators

Putin warned of arrest if he attends summit; Russia had 100,000 casualties in 5 months, U.S. says

‘Dreamers’ income more than doubled under DACA program: survey

Hollywood writers go on strike

AI ‘godfather’ Geoffrey Hinton warns of dangers as he quits Google

Time of day may affect covid vaccine effectiveness

Study finds gender pay differences begin early, with the job search

New Money App Guides Consumers to Find and Save More ‘Money Left Over’ Each Month

Mexican government agency to offer digital option for sending remittances

Broken by the bends: the deadly toll on Honduras’s Indigenous lobster divers

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