May 10, 2024

Twenty-one states, mostly in the south and southeast, and a few scattered in the West, Midwest and Plains (everywhere there is a repressive GOP majority) ban or restrict abortions. While these bans fuel the self-righteous ‘savior mentality’ among its supporters, it’s also endangering the future and lives of the residents of those states. For example, a new survey finds young people looking for out-of-state college options are bypassing those very states with abortion bans. Ditto to those young college graduates starting their first jobs. The same goes for medical residents. Why practice in a state that could possibly jail you for fulfilling your Hippocratic oath? As usual, these GOP policies are shortsighted in what they strive to accomplish and instead are creating dangerous scenarios for the financial and physical well-being of those who live there; Yes, inflation is forcing many of us to forego national brands for cheaper knock-offs; Keep your eyes to the skies. The most severe geomagnetic storm in 20 years is about to happen and could set off a light display not seen before; Every species on the planet can be traced to a common ancestor. Now, scientists have found the ‘likely’ ancestor to modern hoofed animals; and Israel’s Defense Ministry created a new app that helps their people remember the stories of their fallen soldiers. Go beyond the headlines…

62 percent of young adults wouldn’t live in state with abortion ban: Survey

UN General Assembly set to back Palestinian bid for membership

America’s Population Count Will Shrink by Millions Under New Plan

Consumers trading down to cheaper goods as inflation persists

Medical residents are starting to avoid states with abortion bans, data shows

Severe geomagnetic storm watch issued for first time in nearly 20 years amid “unusual” solar event

Likely ancestor of all modern hoofed animals identified

New app by Israel’s Defense Ministry helps to navigate the graves of Israel’s fallen forces

Will Mexico City Run Out of Water?

Argentina grinds to halt on second general strike of Milei Presidency

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