May 13, 2024

Artificial Intelligence has more than its fair share of doomsayers and critics. Yet, history shows as society learns how to use new technology, recognize its benefits, along with, its pitfalls, we adapt and learn. That’s why a new study about how algorithms can actually help us be a better people flies in the face of today’s criticisms; NATO countries are getting increasingly worried about Russia’s next move; they’re not waiting to see what it will be; Attacks on women’s reproductive health isn’t just happening at the Supreme Court. TikTok is now a driver of misinforming girls and women about birth control — and guess who’s behind it?; So, as thousands of college graduates hit the job market, an analysis weighs the ‘economics’ of the value of that higher education; NASA just released an upgrade to an app that has people declaring it’s ‘stellar;’ and A new US Drug Enforcement Agency report finds just how much Mexican cartels have infiltrated the United States, and it’s not good. Go beyond the headlines…

Algorithms help people see and correct their biases, study shows

NATO’s Russia Border To Be Reinforced with Trenches, Bunkers

Attacking birth control pills, US influencers push misinformation

The retire-early economy

Does College Pay Off? A Comprehensive Return On Investment Analysis

The USDA’s gardening zones shifted.  This map shows you what’s changed in vivid detail

This New Plastic Disappears When You Don’t Need It Anymore

This app put the universe in my hands and now I can’t put it down

DEA threat assessment finds Mexican cartel activity in every US state

In progressive Argentina, the LGBTQ+ community says president has turned back the clock

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