May 9, 2024

A new study finds that more Americans are relying on their credit card rewards. It’s no wonder since another analysis finds almost half of renters are now labeled “rent-burden”; Putin is feeling especially brave these days and isn’t content to threaten just Ukraine but the rest of the world; This year’s college graduates differ from previous years in where they’ve applied to work; It doesn’t get more conclusive than this: a 30-year study links something the vast majority of Americans indulge in everyday with the risk of early death; Drug addiction is a hard beast to beat. Many people relapse while undergoing treatment. Now researchers have developed an app to help stave off those temptations; and Mexico is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave that just blacked out over half the country. Go beyond the headlines…

New Study Shows Lower to Middle Income Households Rely on Credit Card Rewards

Putin warns of global clash as Russia marks victory in World War Two

Guns are being stolen from cars at triple the rate they were 10 years ago, a report finds

Nearly half of renters spend more than 30 percent of their income on monthly rent

Where the class of 2024 wants to work

Historian May Have Cracked 2,700-Year-Old Temple Symbols Mystery

A 30-year US study links ultra-processed food to higher risk of early death

New app for people being treated with substance abuse disorders helps them stay the course

Power outages affect 21 states in Mexico

Disease and hunger soar in Latin America after floods and drought, study finds

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