May 14, 2024

In biblical times, lepers were the outcasts of society and given no respect or rights. Pretty much like how we treat today’s homeless. Many, if not all, homeless people are denied the right to vote because they don’t have an address. However, in one European country the homeless are fighting back; Ironically, while the GOP touts how Trump leads Biden in the polls, they’re completely ignoring the polls on support for abortion rights. In this case, their ignorance will not have a ‘blissful’ outcome; Weather events are heating up, no pun intended, around the world. Scientists say it’s a clear message for the summer; Taking any of the popular weight loss drugs? Scared your weight will return if you get off it? A new study reveals these drugs buy you some time; and If the tech naysayers were afraid of AI before, they must be shaking at their keyboards today. Go beyond the headlines…

US support for abortion rights up four points to 60% since fall of Roe v Wade

Ireland has a new group of voters: The homeless

AP Investigation: In hundreds of deadly police encounters, officers broke multiple safety guidelines

The U.S. Economy Is Losing as Much as $600 Billion a Year in Intellectual Property from Chinese Espionage

A Girl Scouts troop offers hope and ‘sisters for life’ for migrant children

Foreboding preview: Global spate of weather extremes precedes risky summer

Weight Loss Drug Works ‘For up to Four Years’, Study Suggests

OpenAI Unveils New ChatGPT That Listens, Looks and Talks

Nicaraguan Miss Universe and the Cost of Fame

Colombia’s Fernando Trujillo named Nat Geo’s 2024 Explorer of the Year

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