May 15, 2024

Well, it’s happened. We, as a society, have become numb to gun violence. Whether it’s a mass shooting at a mall, a school, a state fair, a church service or a concert, among too many other venues, we’ve sadly normalized the notion that gun violence is a possibility, no, a likelihood, whenever we go out in public. Now, a just-released survey on new gun owners reveals a much more dangerous future; Let me get this right: The US government has no problem supplying Israel with weaponry to annihilate innocent Palestinians, along with, cowardly Hamas hiding among these innocents, yet, won’t allow Ukraine to use US-supplied weaponry to defend itself against Russia’s illegal invasion by striking inside Russia. Something is out of balance; Time to put away those credit cards. Seems more of us are falling behind on our credit card bills. Not good; There’s still hope for the future. Meet CNBC’s annual “disruptor” list; Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for scientists to detect cancer 7 years before symptoms materialize? Now, there is; and There’s a mental health crisis happening among young people, and it’s only getting worse. To help affected teens and young adults, a new nationwide “youth corps” has been created to dispatch young people to help their peers. Go beyond the headlines…

New gun owners open to committing political violence, survey finds 

Ukraine presses Biden to lift ban on using US weapons to strike Russia

New nationwide program creates “youth corps” for mental health

More Americans are falling behind on credit card bills

The 2024 CNBC Disruptor 50 companies

Scientists discover blood proteins that may give cancer warning seven years before diagnosis

Earth-Sized World Found Orbiting a Teensy Jupiter-Sized Star

New Mac app makes ChatGPT more accessible for users

Mexico’s homicides increased in April, the most violent month of the year so far

El Salvador mined nearly 474 bitcoins, adding to state crypto holding, in last three years

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