May 17, 2022

Could the exit of McDonalds from Russia be the impetus to turn the tide of public opinion against Putin?; Explain me this: Europe, notably Poland, and other small countries, have taken in more than their fair share of Ukrainian refugees, and yet the US is still just committed to a trickle, who are mainly trying to cross the border to get here. So, it’s no wonder that migrant border entries are on the rise and we can count the GOP to distort this fact; The bigoted conspiracy theory that fueled the Buffalo shooter was promoted on FOX ‘news’ shows. When will this media outlet be held accountable?; Domino’s new app makes ordering pizza a total ‘mind’ exercise; and Mexican government is doing a lousy job protecting its citizens. The official ‘disappeared’ list grows to unprecedented numbers. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukraine says it’s downed 200 aircraft, a mark of Russian failures in the sky

Migrant border entries rise in April, boosted by Ukrainians

More mass shootings are happening at grocery stores – 13% of shooters are motivated by racial hatred, criminologists find

White House moves to loosen remittance, flight rules on Cuba

Fox News suddenly goes quiet on ‘great replacement’ theory after Buffalo shooting

Join Latino AIDS Group’s Fight Against Homophobia

Registrations for electric vehicles soar, signaling increasing mainstream acceptance

Domino’s grants ‘Stranger Things’ fans ‘mind-ordering’ powers through new app

Nicaragua seizes private universities to stifle dissent

Mexico’s official ‘disappeared’ list grows to more than 100,000

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