May 18, 2022

Ukrainian military leaders have been pushing the notion that there is a coup brewing against Putin in Russia. Until now, most in the Western world dismissed this as nothing more than rumor or wishful thinking. However, it may be more than rumor given what one Russian military analyst had the courage to say on Russian state TV; We know the GOP is intent on winning back Congress. Check out the language they think will turn people’s hearts, minds and votes. If they’re right, this country is in worse shape than any of us thought; UFOs/UAPs are now accepted by the mainstream and recognized as a potential security threat. That’s why the Pentagon just revealed this; It’s known social media can wreck a person’s online reputation but could it affect our credit scores?; and In a sign that Mexicans increasingly are losing confidence in their government, those needing help finding their missing loved ones are ditching help from local law enforcement and going directly to the source responsible. Go beyond the headlines…

‘The whole world is against us’: Russian military analyst gives damning assessment of Ukraine war on state TV

The GOP’s angry midterm rhetoric

A neo-Nazi idea to spark a race war inspired the Buffalo killings

Pentagon getting more UFO reports now that ‘stigma has been reduced’

Fewer donors say they’re willing to give to a charity when it supports immigrants – especially if they’re undocumented

Eliminating fossil fuel air pollution would save about 50,000 lives, study finds

How social media posts could affect credit scores

Language learning platform improves employment prospects for refugees

Mexican families of the missing direct their pleas for help to crime gangs in Sonora

Business Owners in Costa Rica ask President for Approval of 4 – 3 day workweeks

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