May 18, 2020

Studies show that Latinos are among those disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 economic shutdown. Yet, there are rights and resources laid off Latinos should know about; New healthcare study found Latinos have had something in particular happen to them during COVID-19; Have a friend or family member putting off college in the fall because of the coronavirus? Here’s why that is a really bad idea; and Podcasts take on a whole new direction in Latin America. Go beyond the headlines…

Latino, laid off, and uncertain about what you’re entitled to? Here are your rights and resources

Fed’s Powell warns unemployment could reach Depression-level 25 percent

New H Code Study Reveals the State of Hispanic Healthcare and That One-Third of U.S. Hispanics Have Had Issues Accessing Healthcare During COVID-19

The FDA just gave the green light to a new kit that allows you to swab for coronavirus at home

More than 1 in 5 Americans are taking care of their elderly, ill and disabled relatives and friends

Rethinking college, or at least fall semester, during coronavirus? You risk not graduating

Modern sea-level rise linked to human activities, Rutgers research reaffirms

Robo-boot concept promises 50% faster running

Adopt a grandparent: Young help the old in Bolivian pandemic

Podcasts emerge to educate and empower Latin American communities about COVID-19

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