May 19, 2020

Just when you thought there wasn’t anything that could surprise us anymore from this administration, this comes out (hint: it’s the first headline); Every business and organization is losing money these days and scrambling to make up for the shortfall, even it seems different federal government agencies, like immigration; Need help with your mortgage? Here’s some helpful information; and The smallest feathered population in Colombia is facing unprecedented risk. Go beyond the headlines…

Trump’s secret new watchlist lets his administration track Americans without needing a warrant

Biden campaign pressed on Latina VP prospects

Immigration agency asks for emergency funds, will raise fees

Faced with choice, migrant parents in ICE detention refuse to separate from children

GoFundMe for Latino meals at coronavirus isolation hotel raises more than $5,000

Coronavirus crisis: How to hit pause button on mortgage payments during the pandemic

For people in diverse areas, community identity supersedes racial, ethnic differences

New app transports users back to the Battle of Gettysburg

Nicaragua’s ‘express burials’ raise fears Ortega is hiding true scale of pandemic

Feeding of Colombia’s Hummingbirds Impacted by Epidemic

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