May 2, 2022

There are lies and then there are LIES. Americans have heard more than our fair share of lies from Trump, his cronies and the rest of the GOP party intent to overturn our nation’s democracy (yes, I said it, and we better start believing it and working towards combatting this intentional takeover as May primaries loom closer). However, the guilty party who crossed the red line of lie-telling is Russia. Their absurd declaration that Ukraine’s Jewish president is a Nazi finally got a long awaited rebuke from the one credible critic whose voice carries the ultimate weight in denouncing this mother of all lies; Violence, poverty and desperation continues to drive illegal immigration and the Sec. of Homeland Security releases an old warning; When do teens really start listening to people outside their family units? Scientists say they now know; Can a simple eye-scanning app foretell your likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s? and May 1 was May Day and workers around the world rallied with one demand. Go beyond the headlines…

Mariupol steel plant evacuees recount dire scenes in bunkers

Israel demands apology after Lavrov says Hitler had Jewish roots

Dept. of Homeland Sec. Mayorkas’ message to migrants remains: ‘Do not come’

Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes

Walmart+ Members Can Now Save 10-Cents Per Gallon at 14,000 Gas Stations

Brain scans show teens begin to respond more to nonfamilial voices at age 13

Plastic-Eating Enzyme Could Eliminate Billions Of Tons Of Landfill Waste

New eye-scanning app can screen people for Alzheimer’s, ADHD: researchers

In Mexico, a divine bird inspires a community’s sustainable forestry efforts

Workers around the world mark May Day with rallies for better working conditions

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