May 3, 2023

There’s news that the US and Mexico agreed on tighter border policies. It was inevitable as the country prepares for ‘border chaos’ next week; Is the Supreme Court, the branch of government once revered for its impartiality and adherence to the Rule of Law, on a power trip — with consequences for us all?; Russia’s desperation and atrocities are worsening. European countries bordering Putin’s domain are getting more nervous and opening their doors to US soldiers; There’s one simple reason, according to psychologists, as to why climate change is denied by some; But the UN warns they better clear up their thinking before it’s too late; Are you a Star Trek fan? There’s a new portal that takes us all for a tour of every starship. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. braces for border chaos with Title 42 set to expire next week

Meet the Belarusians who tricked Russia into firing on its own men

A new Supreme Court case seeks to make the nine justices even more powerful

U.S. Troops May Deploy to Finland Bases Amid Russia Threat

The thinking error that makes people susceptible to climate change denial

World should prepare for El Nino, new record temperatures: UN

‘Star Trek’ Fans Can Now Virtually Tour Every Starship Enterprise Bridge

New safety app promises help with touch of a button, so we put it to the test

Haiti on ‘brink of civil war’, humanitarian group warns

US, Mexico agree on tighter immigration policies at border

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