May 20, 2022

Putin’s army has not been shy about committing crimes against Ukrainians. Will they adhere to international guidelines in how they treat the surrendered Ukrainian soldiers from Mariupol? The world will be watching; Is Puerto Rico closer to state status?; Certain Latino men are found to be more likely to develop high-risk prostate cancer; The climate is changing so rapidly and many of us feel helpless. Yet, climatologists say cat lovers can help; and A new app offering hope to opioid addicts. Go beyond the headlines…

Ukrainian troops surrendering at Mariupol registered as POWs

Bipartisan group unveils Puerto Rico status consensus

New jobless claims start to climb again

A wild new court decision would blow up much of the government’s ability to operate

Certain Latino and Hispanic Men More Likely to Be Diagnosed With High-Risk Prostate Cancer

Watch dolphins line up to self-medicate skin ailments at coral “clinics”

Minerals Used in Kitty Litter Could Help Fight Climate Change

Creating hope: New app helps people struggling with opioids

Peruvian edtech startup betting the future of Peru’s education lies in programming

Argentina’s Digital Divide Widens as Providers Refuse Service

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